8:00 AM
St. Mary’s Church

4:30 PM
7:00 PM Spanish
St. Anne’s Church

9:30 AM (Live Stream)
12:30 PM Spanish (Live Stream)
4:30 PM
St. Anne’s Church

*St. Mary’s Church is located at 727 South Travis Street, Sherman TX.

*St. Anne’s Church is located at 728 South Travis Street, Sherman TX.

Confessions are heard each Saturday at 8:30 a.m. at St. Mary’s Church.

COVID Update to Phase 3 Decree

While the Diocese is not yet proceeding to Phase Four of the re-opening process, the following important updates have been made to the Phase Three Decree:

If you want more information about these updates please visit:

  1. We strongly encouraged that those present in the church building wear a proper face covering, but face coverings are not required.
  2. While all are encouraged to seek out a vaccine for COVID-19, parishes may not require that members of the Faithful present proof of vaccination for entrance into a church or parish building.
  3. Guidelines concerning reception of Holy Communion remain unchanged.
  4. The Sign of Peace remains suspended.
  5. Both sides of the altar are to be reserved for those who want to continue social distancing.