Mass Schedule

Saturday – 4:30 PM (Anticipatory Mass)
Sunday – 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM (Spanish)

Monday – 8:00 AM, 12 Noon
Tuesday – 8:00 AM, 12 Noon
Wednesday – 9:30 AM
Thursday – 8:00 AM
Friday – 8:00 AM

Map & Location

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GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 33.638775, Longitude: -96.602697

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Blessed Feast of Pope St. Damasus I!

Pope St. Damasus I was elected as the 37th Pope in October 366. He was opposed by Ursicinus, antipope, and was accussed of adultery but exonerated by Emperor Gratian himself. By a Roman synod of 44 bishops, the accusers were excommunicated. Damasus defended the Church against multiple schisms. In two Roman synods (368 and 369) he condemned the heresies of Apollinarianism and Macedonianism.

Damasus had an extraordinary devotion to Christian martyrs and went to great legnths to maintain and restore Roman catacombs. He had a great devotion to St. Laurence and, to honor the saint, Damasus built a church in his own house, now the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Damaso. Pope St. Damasus I built many of the great churches in Rome. He commissioned St. Jerome to translate Sacred Scripture into the Latin Vulgate, which became the official Bible of the Church.

Pope St. Damasus I died in 384 and was the last pope interred at the Cemetery of Callixtus. He is buried alongside his mother, Laurentia, and sister, Irene. (Source: New Advent)

Pope St. Damasus I, pray for us!



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Tuesday, December 11—Advent Weekday
8:00 a.m. †Jeffrey Krause by Regina Krause
Noon †John Szczerbiak by Ed Szafranski
(Bilingual) Isaiah 40:1-11; Matthew 18:12-14
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Learn about Holy Trinity Seminary in Dallas

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