Faith Formation


We are happy to introduce a program for families with children preschool age thru the Sacrament of Confirmation (8th grade & older).   We understand that being formed in our Catholic faith is an integral part of who we are as children of God.  Our new adapted at-home program, while navigating through the Covid restrictions, will invite parents to take the lead as they are the primary teachers of the faith.   We see this as an opportunity, a blessing for families, to come together and walk the journey as one family, not just as individuals.  This year more than ever, we will focus on providing “tools” for parents to be successful in passing on the faith to their children.  Our family-centered Faith Formation program supports the Second Vatican Councils insight that the family is the domestic church, and that parents share in the responsibility of forming children in the faith.  We understand that our faith journey is on-going as we seek a deeper relationship with Christ and the Church.  We continue throughout our life to learn of our faith and want to continue in seeking Him.  We encourage parents to continue their child’s formation even after receiving the sacraments.  We offer formation for all ages!


  • Every eight weeks, parents/children will come to the parish to our Packet Pick-Up day to receive your weekly take-home lessons and other fun materials needed. 
    • You will be asked weekly to teach the provided lesson to your children.  Find the day that works best for your family and commit to having that day reserved for teaching the faith. These lessons and fun activities will follow the Gospel reading from that Sunday’s liturgy.
    • Parent resources will also be provided to help you better understand how to teach your child the given lesson.  Keep in mind, we are here to help you with any questions you may have.
    • Lessons are offered in English or Bilingual. 
  • Families are encouraged to attend Mass weekly (whether in person or virtual) to further their formation, as it leads into their lessons for the week.  As Catholics we understand that Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith and is vital to our growth and relationship with Christ.
  • Service to the community will play a vital role within the year.
  • An email will be sent when it is time for the next Packet Pick-Up day. These will be scheduled in September, November, January & February. Please check your email regularly as we’d like to send other pertinent information as it comes available.
    • Parents & children are asked to bring in their completed lessons and/or workbook from the prior session.  We’ll look at the completed lessons then give your child credit for completing.  This will serve as a form of attendance.
    • You’ll then be given the next packet for the next month. 


  P3 thru 6th grade – PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES (bilingual-English & Span) (Extra lessons will be provided for children preparing for Reconciliation/First Eucharist)

            Confirmation Year 1 (for 7th graders & up) – DECISION POINT

            Confirmation Year 2 (for 8th graders & up) – CHOSEN 


Sacramental Preparation is a very special time in a child’s life to learn more of our faith and enter into reception of the sacraments.  This is a two-consecutive year process. 

Holy Eucharist - Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church - Reserve, LA


  • Who is this for? This is for children/youth who are baptized in the Catholic faith, age 7 or older AND who are in 2nd grade or above.
  • Is my child eligible? Children must have actively participated in a Faith Formation (CCD) program last year, starting as early as 1st grade, with good attendance.  If that year of Catholic formation took place at another parish, please have that parish provide a letter confirming your child’s participation.  All children are welcome to begin this process at any age, but keep in mind that it is 2 consecutive years.
  • Extra lessons will be provided to cover preparation for these sacraments.
  • Children will prepare to celebrate Reconciliation in the fall and First Eucharist in the spring.  Once Covid restrictions lift, we plan to have the children and parents attend a few gatherings with fun activities to reinforce the learning.  Information will be provided as soon as possible.
  • Please provide us with a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate at time of registration.
Stay On Fire For God We Can't Let The Spirit's Fire Go Out


  • Who is this for?  We invite teens in 7th grade and up to begin their first of two years of preparation toward the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This sacrament can be celebrated as early as 8th grade with one prior year of formation.  We invite anyone 7th grade through high school to check it out!
  • Teens will engage in their home lessons with the materials we provide.
  • Service to the community will play a vital role within their year.
  • Please provide us with a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate at time of registration. 


Please complete soon to ensure we have the supplies ready for you.

St. Mary’s Registration click here for printable form.

St. Francis Registration click here for printable form.

Our Faith Formation lessons will begin SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH!

KICK OFF with Packet Pick-Up Day Sunday, September 13th for all pre-registered families. Registered families will receive an email with further details.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dawn Purcell, Faith Formation Coordinator or at the Parish office 903-893-5148

Let’s have an amazing year!