Adult Faith Formation


“Every disciple of the Lord Jesus shares in this mission.
To do their part, adult Catholics must be mature in faith and
well equipped to share the Gospel, promoting it in every family circle,
in every church gathering, in every place of work, and in every public forum.”

From the American Bishops pastoral plan for Adult Faith Formation
Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us

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The program for Adult Faith Formation recognizes that our faith is never a finished product. Instead, we are always ‘on the way’ to a fuller and a richer faith experience, always in the process of becoming more and more like Christ. To assist us in this ongoing development and conversion of life, the Adult Faith Formation Program offers training and workshops in areas relevant to faith development.

Goals of Adult Faith Formation

Three goals have been established for our Adult Faith Formation Program.
They are:

Invite and enable ongoing conversion
to Jesus in holiness of life.

Promote and support active membership
in the Christian community.

Call and prepare adults to act as
disciples in mission to the world.

Principles Addressed in Adult Faith Formation

There are six principle areas that are addressed in our Adult Faith Formation Program that are the basis of the presentations and discussions.

First, knowledge of the faith. For us to follow the Lord Jesus, we need to have an understanding of Sacred Scriptures, which offer to us in narrative and descriptive terms the life and mission of Christ Jesus.

Second, the liturgical life. The Adult Faith Formation Program seeks to help us better understand and live the sacramental life of the Church, as we strive to be fully, actively, and consciously involved in the liturgy.

Third, moral formation. The Adult Faith Formation Program seeks to show us that the new commandment of love as given by Christ Jesus requires a continual and constant attentiveness on our parts as we continue to grow in our appreciation of the human person.

Fourth, prayer. The Adult Faith Formation Program offers presentations on prayer forms and expressions throughout the Christian centuries, so as we grow in prayer, we grow closer to the source of our life.

Fifth, communal life. The Adult Faith Formation Program offers discussions on various facets of community life, including interpersonal relationships, marriage, family matters, childrearing, and civic responsibilities.

Sixth, missionary spirit. The Adult Faith Formation Program offers means of evangelizing, by word and by action, in the ordinary circumstances of our lives so when we serve others graciously and generously, these others come to see the face of Christ in us.

The Adult Faith Formation Program is diverse and calls for the contributions of many different people. We welcome ideas and proposals for presentations and invite members of our parish family, who have experience or expertise in areas relating to Adult Faith Formation, to offer their time and talent in the presentation of topics of interest.

The Adult Faith Formation Leadership Team is commissioned to plan and to implement the various topics and presentations offered through this program. If you have any suggestions, contact Pam Deffibaugh at 903-821-6162 or email her at