Adult Faith Formation Calendar of Events

St. Mary’s Adult Faith Formation presents Bishop Robert Barron’s, David the King. The six-week study begins on Sunday, November 4th, at 9 a.m. in St. Anne’s Place. In David the King, Bishop Barron helps us to understand this pivotal figure in light of Adam, the first King, and Jesus Christ, the King of Kings. Adam was the first king and steward of the Garden of Eden. David emerged as the definitive king who would restore order and bring the world under the lordship of God. But like Adam, David fell, and his reign ushered in a succession of compromised kings and rejected prophets. King David, the paradigmatic King in the Old Testament, causes us to look back toward Adam’s kingship and forward toward Christ the King, seeing Christ as the fulfillment of the Davidic line.

Contact Pam at 903-821-6162, email or call the church office if you are interested in joining the study. Study guides are optional but will be available for $25.


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“Wisdom is seeing with God’s eyes.” – Pope Francis

Scripture and the Tradition of the Catholic Church provide an abundance of wisdom, though it can often be challenging to apply it to our lives. To help you learn to gather and live with greater wisdom, we will begin an eight-week study, Wisdom: God’s Vision for Life, on Wednesday, September 12th, from 6:30 – 8 p.m. at St. Anne’s Place. You will not only benefit personally from being part of this study; you will also help us to grow in fellowship as a parish as we grow closer to Christ together.

Contact Jane Karleskint at for more information or to register for the study.


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